Camp Changes Kids is a development campaign we started in 2016.  Our goal with this campaign is to create more space for even more kids to enjoy their own experience at camp. 

Each week of summer camp, and each day we host a fall or spring retreat group, we see the value that camp has.  Kids enjoy classic camp activities like canoeing and fire building.  They experience the excitement of a 60 foot King Swing ride.  And most significantly, they grow close as a group, opening up and connecting over topics and questions that many of them are facing in every day life. 

Simply put, camp helps kids get real.  Real, physical, tactile outdoor activities.  Genuine community with fellow campers and caring staff.  As many campers and staff would agree, camp is a special and significant place in developing lives.

We believe in camp!  We see changed lives.  We see lifelong friendships begin.  We see kids and staff challenged and strengthened in their faith.  We see God's love melting hearts and preparing lives for the journey of growing and trusting in him.

We still believe God will do amazing things in helping provide this ministry with the development it needs to bring even more kids into their very own camp adventure.  We are seeking God in providing partnerships with individuals, families, and churches to help bring these plans into fruition. 

We pray that you will see the heart of this ministry and consider supporting this initiative to help camp change kids! 

Believe with us!

The Camp Nakamun & Bellevue Lodge Ministry Team 

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