Our Purpose

The purpose of our camp is to serve our community as an extension of the local church, providing an environment that meets the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of all ages. Our programs are based on Christian principles with the desire for every person to find true fulfillment in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

In serving our community we also welcome schools, community groups and individuals to our grounds and facilities.

Because the central focus of our camp is to our youth, we uphold standards that reflect a very positive and wholesome lifestyle for all campers, staff and rental groups. We encourage the use of the outdoors and wholesome recreational activities to promote this positive lifestyle where foul language is unacceptable, use of tobacco products are discouraged and use or possession of alcohol or any illegal drugs are prohibited.

We welcome you as our guests and trust that as you enjoy the campgrounds and facilities you will respect these principles.

Camp Nakamun reserves the right to restrict the use of the camp to any individuals or organizations that would practice, promote or teach anything contrary to our doctrine, mission or purpose.