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PRIMARY PURPOSE: The mission statement for Camp Nakamun Ministries (which includes Nakamun Ranch) is to help people Encounter God, Enrich Relationships and Experience Creation. The primary purpose of the Ranch Camp Coordinator is too develop the ministry and non-horse program aspects of Nakamun Ranch in a way that fulfills this mission. They need to love God and children along with the desire create an exciting place where God uses horses, staff and the camp program to make a significant impact on the lives of campers.



Responsibility #1

Ensure that the summer camp experience for the campers is amazing. This includes the spiritual aspect of camp and all non-horse programing aspects of each week. It involves working with the ranch manger to ensure the schedule works well with what they want to do on the horses. It involves coordinating with the main site to ensure that it works well when they come over to main site for activities. It also involves making sure the campfires, devotionals and overall environment ensures that something spiritually significant happens at camp.


 Responsibility #2

Create a great atmosphere that enables parents and guests to experience the ranch and get a glimpse as to how God can use the ranch program. Create a hospitable environment and experience for all who come to the ranch.


Responsibility #3

Help to select and train the counselor staff at the ranch.


Responsibility #4

Promote the ranch and the horsemanship camps including fund raising for the ongoing development of the ranch.


Responsibility # 5

Be involved with the overall promotion and fund raising for Camp Nakamun Ministries.



This person is part of the team that determines the ministry budget for the ranch, which includes summer staff and camp programming expenses. They are responsible for ensuring the ranch stays on budget in these areas.



This person is a part of the Ministry Development Team and works closely with this team. They also work closely with the Ranger manager and Head wrangler to ensure that there is unity in the balance between time on horses and the other aspects of a week at camp. They also need to develop relationships with key donors.



This person needs to be able to communicate well in written format as they communicate to staff below them, report to directors above them and develop relationships with people outside of the organization. They will also need to be able to verbally communicate well and make presentations to promote and advance the Ranch.



This person needs to make decisions regarding the ongoing ministry and business direction of the ranch. They will also be part of the team that makes decisions regarding the overall direction of Camp Nakamun Ministries




  1. They need to love children and have a desire to see Children impacted spiritually during their week at camp.


  1. A committed Christian with a history of involvement in a local church and a healthy family life


  1. Be willing to sign the Statement of Faith for the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada


  1. Be willing to adhere to the code of conduct for workers in the Western Canadian District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance


  1. Leadership experience


  1. Experience in a Christian camp is an asset but not necessary


  1. Be committed to the vision, mission and core values of Camp Nakamun Ministries




Salary will be based upon experience and education. Health and retirement benefits are included.


We will accepting resumes until January 20, 2019. Position start date is March 1, 2019


To submit a resume or for more information please contact Rob Toews – 780-340-8141,    



We're looking for volunteer drivers, or possibly a driver for a paid position.  If you know of anyone looking for work that would really help out camp ministry, please pass this information along.