Frequently Asked Questions


 FAQ Questions below are directed towards year-round retreat groups.  Got questions about summer camps?  Click here.

Who Owns Camp Nakamun?

Camp Nakamun is owned and a part of the Christian Missionary Alliance of the Western Canadian District.  It is a non-profit Summer Camp and Retreat Centre.

How can I get involved in Camp Nakamun?

Want to Volunteer?  Camp Nakamun welcomes volunteers throughout the year in many areas such as kitchen help and cleaning help.  For our summer program, it would not run as smoothly without our volunteers!  Please call the camp or email if you are interested in volunteering.

How can I get directions to Camp Nakamun?

If you have GPS or Google Maps, then just type our name in and you're good to go.  Otherwise, there are clear directions to Camp Nakamun on our website and we strongly recommend using these.  Click here for directions and a map.

Will there be other groups on-site when our group is at camp?

It is likely that another group or multiple groups would be on-site when you are at camp.  We have a large facility with many meeting rooms.  This gives us the ability to host up to six groups at one time.  Even with this many groups onsite the only place groups bump into one another is in passing at the dining hall and main lobby.

How are meals served?

Camp Nakamun serves all meals cafeteria style.  Every group is given a specific mealtime and the group comes through the serving line together and eats together.  There is always a lot of food so you are able to come back for seconds.  For health reasons we are required to give you a new plate when you come back for seconds.

***Policy Regarding Allergies and Food Issues***

 At Camp Nakamun we are able to accommodate guests with a variety of food allergies, medical concerns or restrictions.  This includes Celiac disease or gluten intolerance, egg/dairy/lactose allergy, and vegetarian. 

Our camp is not registered as “nut-free” but we do not cook with any nuts.  Although we do make concessions for dairy allergies or those who are lactose intolerant, we do not provide soy or rice milk.

 We ask that guests with food issues notify the camp or their leader at least one week before they come so we are able to prepare for them.  If we are not notified, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide alternate foods.

 At their first meal we ask guests to see the cook to go over food alternatives.  If a food restriction or allergy is too severe, we may ask that guests bring their own food.  That will be at the discretion of our Hospitality Coordinator, after contacting the guest or leader of the group.  We do have a fridge and microwave in our dining room for guests.

 Please note that our priority is guests with food allergies, legitimate medical concerns or restrictions.  We are not able to provide for food preferences.

What if I am hungry in-between meal times?

The kitchen serves very filling meals, and you can always come back for seconds. We also have three vending machines next to the lobby.  Tea, coffee and water are always available in the dining hall.  Our Espresso Bar will also be open at various times through your stay.

If our group brings snacks and items that need refrigeration where can we put them?

There is a fridge for rental groups to use located in the storage room in the dining hall.  Fridges are available in some of the meeting rooms as well.

When we bring snacks, can we access the kitchens supplies?

Camp Nakamun is operated in accordance with the Alberta Health department and has the same license as any commercial restaurant.  For this reason there is no self-catering option at Camp Nakamun.  Thus we cannot have anyone in our kitchen that is not a designated staff member.  So if your group is bringing snacks, make sure they are easily prepared in your meeting room.  Also, any kitchen utensils that are needed must be brought by the rental groups, so don't forget large bowls or knives for cutting cake, etc.

What if I have a special dietary concern?

Camp Nakamun takes dietary concerns into consideration when preparing the meals.  To do this, you will need to contact the camp at least 1 week before you are to arrive and state your concern.  When you arrive, you will need to talk to the cook at your first meal.

What happens if we cancel our booking?

If the booking is cancelled the reservation deposit is kept by Camp Nakamun.  Reserving dates for a specific group means that Camp Nakamun must turn away other business on those dates and if a group cancels, those dates often can't be re-booked on time.

Where is the closest store or gas station?

The nearest general store and gas station is 'The Nakamun Superette'. It is less than a 5-minute drive from Camp Nakamun.  It is a real general store with just about anything you could need.  It is also the nearest place to gas up, though they do not have diesel.

The nearest town would be Barrhead where you could find grocery stores, diesel fuel and other necessities. Barrhead is located  30 minutes Northwest of Camp Nakamun.

What emergency services are nearby?

Camp Nakamun is 30 minutes away from Barrhead hospital and ambulance service comes from Barrhead, Westlock or Stony Plain. For police services, the R.C.M.P. is dispatched form Stony Plain or Barrhead.

What happens if someone in our group is injured?

We do not have a full time nurse on staff but most of our Camp Nakamun staff are certified with Standard First-Aid and CPR who can assist your group if needed.  As well, we have a number of staff that is certified with Advanced Wilderness First-Aid.  First aid kits are located around the site and we also have an Automated External Defibrillator. With that said, groups are responsible for their members so if an injury is severe, the group leader is responsible for getting that person to the hospital.

Ice packs and band aids are available if you inquire at the front desk.

Is there a designated smoking area on site?

Smoking is prohibited everywhere except for the designated smoking areas. There is a cigarette butt-stop located directly around the corner on the south side of the main entrance.  If smoking occurs in any of the buildings or accommodations then that group will have to pay a fee.

Does Camp Nakamun allow alcohol on site?

No. It is camp policy that there is no alcohol on camp property.

Are we allowed to bring pets?

No.  Pets are not allowed on camp property.  However, there is a pet motel not far from camp if you are wanting to bring your pet to stay there while you are at camp.  It is a fairly busy place so you will want to be sure to book well in advance.

The contact information is:

Critter Keepers Pet Resort

Darlene Young                                                                                                                          

58117 Hwy 777 Busby, Alberta T0G 0H0

(780) 674-4851

Are there fish in Lake Nakamun?

Yes there are a few different species of fish in Lake Nakamun including Perch and Northern Pike. The lake and area is also home to many different species of birds, waterfowl (including pelicans), White-tailed Deer, Mule Deer, Moose, Beavers, Muskrat, Coyote and Red Fox.

What are chaperones expected to do?

The chaperones for any group are expected to fulfill the duties of a guardian in place of a parent. They are expected by law to supervise the minors under their care to ensure that they are acting in a safe manor and are to monitor their activities. In short, we expect they will help keep the kids in their care from hurting themselves and/or camp property.

How can I pay for my stay?

Camp Nakamun accepts cash, cheque (made out to Camp Nakamun) or credit card (MasterCard or Visa only). We do not have a debit machine or ATM on site.

Is there Internet Access at Camp?

No... but if you absolutely need it for an important email or two, WiFi is available for leaders on a limited access basis due to our rural location.  No streaming or downloading, please.  Camp is a great chance to take a rare break from your screen.

What happens on rainy days?

Camp Nakamun has a large indoor facility with an indoor pool and hot tub, gym, meeting rooms with either a T.V./D.V.D or projector with sound system for your own personal theater and a covered foosball court.  Many of our outdoor activities can still be done in the rain.

If you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to contact the camp.