We want to build an Indoor Activity Centre.  This building will house a new gym, climbing wall, break-out rooms, and add plenty of more space to run our summer program. 

Campaign - activity centreThis facility will also accommodate our year-round groups such as school bands and church groups.  The break-out rooms will allow the bands to spread out for their clinic.  More meeting rooms means more options for our weekend groups.  Whether these groups number 20 or 200, we hope to be able to accommodate them with the addition of this vital facility.

We will also relocate our maintenance buildings.  We want to move them to the side of the campgrounds and out of the way of the foot traffic.  This also involves relocating our parking lot.  These changes will allow the front area of our Lodge, Heritage Lodge, and future Activity Centre to be a designated 'Green Space' for people relax, far from the noise of maintenance jobs and car traffic.