This campaign involves 3 phases.  The 1st phase began in 2016 and runs for 3 years, through to the end of 2019.

This campaign is known as 'Camp Changes Kids'.  Through almost 70 years of camp ministries, it is clear to us that the camp experience helps shape and mold the lives of the most important people!

Campaign - cck logoIn recent years, our summer attendance has soared past our currant capacity levels.  We had 1200 campers back in 2010, and just 5 years later in 2015 we were up past 1600 total kids campers. 

1600 is about as many campers as our facilities can handle.  In 2015, we had almost 50 kids on our wait list and we want to make sure we move forward with enough room for everyone who would like to experience camp.  In short - We need more space!

So please read on to see what we plan to do to create more space for kids at camp →