Summer Staff Profile - Matheus

matheus sales - Counselor & worship lead

Where are you from?

Manaus - AM, Brazil

What do you do during the year?

I'm a student at Vanguard College taking the Bachelor of  Arts in Theology (Music Major)

How long have you been involved at camp?

Two summers, this is going to be my third!

How did you hear about camp?

Through a friend from College that used to work at Nakamun

What are you most looking forward to while working at camp this summer?

To see the amazing things God will do in kids' lives and having a lot of fun with them in the process.

Favourite bible verse or passage?

1 Co. 13

One prayer request you have going into the summer?

That God will give me strength to face the many challenges I will face during this summer and to bless the work and time I'm putting into camp ministry.

Your favourite/meaningful camp memory?

Seeing my cabin sharing their struggles with one another and them building each other up.

Why did you choose to work at camp this summer?

Because I believe God does amazing things through camp and I live being part of this impact in their lives.

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