Summer Staff Profile - Tim Anderson

tim anderson- sr counselor at bellevue

Where are you from?

I’m from Viking Alberta but spent this past year living in Calgary.

What do you do during the year?

I went to Ambrose University this last year and will be attending MacEwan University next year for a psychology degree.

How long have you been involved at camp?

I have been going to Bellevue my whole life. I junior worked there one year and was a senior counsellor last year.

How did you hear about camp?

From church and family. I’ve been going there since I was young, and I’ve always loved it.

What are you most looking forward to while working at camp this summer?

I look forward to building personal relationships with the campers and showing them who Jesus is. I’m really excited that kids get to learn about Jesus and I get the opportunity to guide them.

Favourite bible verse or passage?

Ephesians 2.

I love this chapter because it is so vital and such an important and beautiful part of our lives as Christians. The power of God’s grace and the wonder of it even though we were dead to our sins is such an amazing thing to ponder. The fact that being saved doesn’t even have anything to do with our works, just our faith and God’s grace. It always amazes me.

One prayer request you have going into the summer?

To look to God in all things, both the struggles and good times. Also, that the campers would have open and eager hearts and minds so that the love of God can be spread.

Your favourite/meaningful camp memory?

Just working with campers and watching them grow spiritually. Last year there was one camper in particular who was going through stuff and I saw God really working through him in such an amazing way.

Why did you choose to work at camp this summer?

I chose to return this summer because I felt that God still wanted me here. I’m really excited to have fun but more importantly to do work for God’s kingdom.

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