Out Trips with Nakamun



Nakamun Out Trips are ways to experience camp a lot further out in God's creation.  Our certified Outdoor staff take a small group of campers on 3 separate trips:  two trips to Nordegg, and one trip to the Lakeland river circuit. 


Nordegg has something we always miss at Nakamun... mountains!  Our Nordegg Out Trippers will pack up the camping, climbing, hiking, fishing, and canoe gear and then get out in it! 

At Nakamun, we have wall climbing.  In Nordegg, we take the campers rock climbing!  It's the logical next step after multiple summers of practicing your skills on the Nakamun wall.

Waterfall hikes... explore the natural beauty of the mountains, then cool off under a waterfall!

Bring your camera and capture the beauty.  Take a break from from the normal days and get refreshed out in God's creation!


Our canoe trip takes you to the one and only lake circuit in all of Alberta!  It''s back country travel at it's finest.  For the first day or two our campers hang out at Nakamun, developing a few essential paddling skills to prepare them for the journey.

On the trip, you'll experience portaging, paddle instructions from Paddle Canada Certified instructors, beavers, deer, and other wildlife, campfires, fishing, and most importantly, uninterrupted community.

Our Out Trips are designed to be smaller, so that campers and staff can get to know each other better and enjoy going through these adventures as a unified group. 

Summer camp is all about growing in God's community, developing your faith, and enjoying the journey together.  There's no better why to do this than on a Nakamun Out Trip!

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