New Bellevue Director Jill Paras

Now that our friend Troy Chartier is married and off on a new adventure in life, we say so long and thank you to him for his service and passion for Bellevue Lodge.

This summer we welcome Jill Paras to the role of Bellevue Lodge director.

Jill Paras 

We have a staff bio on Jill in our 2018 summer brochure.  You can read about it here on page 4, or you can pick up a copy of the brochure at most Edmonton area Alliance Churches.

I wholeheartedly believe in camp ministry and the life changing impact that it can have.  I see this impact in the people all around me, yet in particular, I see it in myself.


Q & A with Jill Paras

In order to get to know Jill even better, we reached out to ask her a few more questions about her camp experience and new role at Bellevue Lodge.

Jill, you've been a senior staff at Camp Nakamun for 5 years.  You took a summer away from camp a couple years ago.  What brought you back?

It was in this summer away from camp that I realized the passion I had for camp ministry. I am passionate about kids being outside, I am passionate about community, and I am passionate about kids and youth encountering Jesus and entering into relationship with him.

In the past I had found myself wondering if the work we are doing at camp is truly accomplishing the tasks we set out to do: are people really spending more time outside, does the community truly continue after the one week of camp, are our campers truly encountering Christ? 

Slowly God has been answering these questions for me through the people around me who have gone through camp. I see many of my friends who have become more invested in the outdoors since being at camp. I have a large community of camp friends that are always a pleasure to see and reconnect with and I have a smaller group of camp friends who I see regularly and who are important part of my life.

Recently I have heard the stories of two senior church leaders who shared that they came to know Christ and that they are in church ministry because they heard the gospel and came to know Christ at Nakamun. These stories reinforced in me that although we do not always get to see the fruit of the work we are doing, the Holy Spirit is working and he is building up His kingdom. And that is why I still do camp. Because I wholeheartedly believe in the ministry and believe that camp changes kids lives.

Regarding your new role at Bellevue, what are a few things you are excited about?

- I am excited to grow in my leadership skills and build into a small and close-knit senior staff at Bellevue.

- I am excited to get to meet some new kids! One exciting aspect of Bellevue is the small size and the chance to really be able to sit down and get to know kids, even in a role such as mine that is often removed from the camp activities.

- I am excited to drive the boat on a nice lake! I love being out on the water and hearing the kids excitement while tubing and doing this on the beautiful Lac Bellevue is just an added bonus!

- And as weird as it may sound I am excited to work with a new schedule and new administrative responsibilities. Some people hate doing stuff like that, but I really enjoy the challenge and find creating new ways of scheduling exciting.

What are some areas you would like prayer for?

- For wisdom, discernment, and confidence as I step into this new role.

- For safety for the staff, campers, and all those who come on site.

- For kids to encounter Jesus as they enjoy the outdoors and have fun with their friends

- That the campers who have been at Bellevue Lodge for years will find a renewed love and excitement for the camp and that any new campers will feel welcomed and have an awesome time!

- For volunteers, help is always needed and welcomed.

Any other thoughts?

In my time at Bellevue I would love to learn as much as possible about the history of the camp.  The more people I talk to and can be connected to the better.  So on registration and pick-up days, feel free to say hi!  I'd love to chat with anyone who'd like to share information or stories about the camp.

Bellevue Lodge this Summer

At Bellevue, we have 6 exciting weeks of camp!  Click here to see the options for your kids.

Volunteering at Bellevue

As Jill mentioned, we are always looking for people to help out at Bellevue.  For grades 8 to 12 you can apply for our Jr. Worker and Jr. Support Staff positions here.

For any adults interested in helping out, you can email and we can see what works best.  We are limited in our staffing accommodations, but we would be happy to try to make things work for anyone interested in helping out!



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