It's All About Summer Camp

We admit  that we're biased.  We love camp!

Summer camp is why we exist.  We do our best to to open up our entire calendar with space for people to come and have their very own adventure at camp.

Last year alone we welcomed over 1600 kids and youth campers, plus over 250 families to family camp.  On top of that, we had over 11 000 guests join us in our off season to participate in everything from band camps to youth retreats, sewing retreats to outdoor activity camps.  We try to keep the place full of fun all year long!

One thing we've really been seeing the value in is partnerships with other camps.  We are a member of CCI Canada and within that group we are able to share so much wisdom and so many ideas with each other.  Our leaders meet together regularly and pray for our ministries, which are all different in so many ways, yet still have the foundational aspects that make them all 'camp'.

With our 2019 Summer logo, we want to celebrate camp!  The fact that thousands upon thousands of kids and youth all over Canada will get to spend a week at camp, and learn about the God of love, is something that should excite us all this summer!

In fact, if you've got trouble getting up in the morning, why not remember this fact. That while you wake up, thousands of kids all over Canada are waking up in a bunk somewhere getting ready for one of the best days of their summer at camp! 

This past week we were reminded of last month's Pray For Camp Day.  The truth is that we desire your prayers all summer long.  Please remember to pray for our kids, our staff, our sites, and that God's love would shine into and through everyone this summer.

When you see our 2019 shirt, let it be a reminder for you to pray for camp ministry this summer.  That kids will learn about God in a fresh way, build new friendships through the week, and also get outside and experience creation with all of the fun activities planned for their week.

Summer Camp is unique in that it brings kids together from all over, and forges them into a small family for the week.  Each cabin goes through the week of fun together, and come out on the other side with skills and memories that will help them and last for their entire lives.


This summer, pray for summer camp!


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