I met some awesome friends

Every summer, we make a sponsorship fund available to campers who are unable to afford to pay the full price of a week of summer camp.  We need partners as we are dependent on donors in helping make sure every kid has a chance at a fun week of camp.

Here is what two campers and their mother had to say about what the sponsorship means to them.

 "I loved that camp, I met some awesome friends and it was so fun , loved the games and want to go back next year!"

"Mom can I go back next year? It was so fun and they gave us lots of candy."

"I'm grateful my kids had an opportunity to attend camp. If it wasn't for your financial assistance my kids wouldn't have been able to attend. As a single mother, with 3 kids, I need this help from camps otherwise they would be at home on the iPad or whatever else. So I thank you for helping my family bring some excitement and happiness to my kids lives. Thank you again." 

68 campers were able to benefit from the program last summer.  That's over $17000 in funds! As of this week, we are currently just passed $2000 accumulated to put in use for the upcoming summer.  We need your partnership!

Sometimes it's hard to know where donation money ends up.  In this case, please know that your donation will go directly into helping cover camp costs for a child who can't wait for the opportunity to have a great time at camp!

Click here to donate now.

Thanks in advance for helping provide children experience the highlight of their summer!


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