Thank you for keeping hope alive

 If you donated to the sponsorship program last year, I want to say THANK YOU!  

Last year my two girls (ages 13 and 10) were sponsored to go to Camp Nakamun. Both look forward to camp every year and is one of the highlights of the summer. They get to be away from home, without their parents and are free to challenge themselves independently in a safe environment.  The girls absolutely love the Ranch program.  They love doing all of the work that is required and the riding time they get to experience.  Another activity that they thoroughly enjoy is the king swing.  It is exhilarating for them and boosts their confidence in not being afraid to try something that is challenging and at times scary.

 In 2018 my family experienced every family’s worse nightmare.  I and their younger sister were in a horrific car accident.  Their 4 year old sister was killed instantly and I was left in a condition where they did not know if I would survive.  Their whole world changed in an instant.  

My recovery would be long and hard.  I would spend 5 months in the hospital and 3 months living with family as I could not care for myself yet.  The girls found themselves living fulltime with their dad in a substantially smaller home. Their step dad decided that we no longer needed a 4 bedroom home and asked the landlords if he could break lease considering the circumstances.  They agreed and he immediately put everything into storage as he worked in Fort McMurray.  Five weeks later their step dad decided that he was going to leave the family.  So many changes in such a short time.

I normally paid for their girls to go to camp as their dad did not see it as a priority. They were both concerned about whether they would be able to still go last summer. It was important for me to be able to give them as many good and fun memories as possible in the first year after the accident. I applied for sponsorship while still in hospital and they were approved.

I cried the day that I found out we had been accepted as I knew that I would have help in keeping things as normal as possible for them. I knew I would have help in creating positive memories for them....  that I wasn't alone.  That meant more to me than anything during those first few months. With so many changes that they were adjusting to it was such a blessing to be able to tell them that they would still be able to do what was "normal" for them.  

Thank you for keeping hope alive.  Thank you for stepping up, when the world can be a dark hopeless place for children.  Thank you for giving that light at the end of a tunnel, so that kids can have something to look forward to.  

We're asking you to consider a donation to this fund, either one time or monthly.  Click here to give the gift of summer camp!

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