The Path to Your Summer Adventure

At camp, we've always got summer on our collective mind.  It is so exciting for us to start December by opening summer registrations.  Why?  Because it means that we're starting on the path to another summer!

When deciding camp options, it's not always easy to know which ones are available.  That's why we want to make sure it's crystal clear to you which types of camps are available through Camp Nakamun Ministries.  There's a lot to do and we don't want you to miss out.


At Camp Nakamun Main Site, campers experience the zipline, King Swing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming off of the barge, camp wide games, high energy campfire and chapel songs, and sessions with special guest speakers.

Main Site camps can have up to 160 guests, so it's a place for those who like to be in the middle of the action.  Yet, tight-knit cabin groups help the campers feel at home

Main Site camps include Adventurers, Explorers, Jr. High Nakamun, and Happy Campers.

*Happy Campers is an introduction to camp week.  It is shorter, and the kids are younger, so not all of the activities mentioned above are offered for this camp.


At these weeks, campers get acquainted with the good ol' outdoors!  North Shore Camps are tenting camps that take place up the roac from Camp Nakamun. Out Trips take campers on an adventure out into the mountains of Nordegg.

Outdoors & Out Trips camps include North Shore Adventure, North Shore Discovery, and Nordegg Out Trips.


At Nakamun Paintball, experienced and beginner players get a healthy dose of paintball games and training.  The Paintball crew is a small, close group of campers going through devos together and enjoying other camp activities away from the paintball field.

Nakamun Paintball camps include Paintball 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

*Paintball is also offered as an option at our Jr. High Nakamun camp.


At Nakamun Ranch, campers focus on learning the ways of horsemanship.  Horse Care, Horse Safety and Riding Skills take up a big chunk of the week.  Hit the trails, and learn the skills in the arena.  It's all you need to get to the next level of comfort and confidence on a horse!

Nakamun Ranch is the current focal point of our development campaign.  Campers enjoy brand new cabins as well as the indoor riding arena.

Nakamun Ranch camps include Horsemanship 1,2,3,4,5, and 6.


At Bellevue, campers have a lot of fun playing wide games, challenging the climbing wall, and splashing and tubing around the lake.  Camper are led through singing fun songs at campfire and chapel, as well as hearing from a guest speaker.

Bellevue camps can hold up to 50 campers, so it is a smaller environment with a week packed full of fun.

Bellevue Lodge camps include Bellevue Jr. Kids, Bellevue Kids 1 & 2, Bellevue Jr. High 1 & 2, and Bellevue Sr. High

*Bellevue Lodge is located 20 minutes South of St. Paul, Alberta.


Now that you know about what we have to offer, here's what you can do:

1.  What grade is your camper in?  We go by grade as of January of each camp year.

2.  Read up on the options that fit for your campers grade.  More information on those option can be found here.

3.  Register for camp online!

sign up for camp

Once registered you'll get a confirmation email that you'll need to file away for later.  It will have a link to a 'What to pack' list as well as registration day information like pick-up and drop-off information.  Save that email!

Need a hard copy registration form? No problem.  Download one from here.  You can mail it in with your payment.  Or fax it in and call with your payment.  Either way, payment is needed in order to secure your spot.


Nakamun Main Site, Paintball, and Outdoors & Out Trips camps all have their registration days taking place at the Camp Nakamun Main Site.  Nakamun Ranch registration takes place 1/2 mile up the road at the Nakamun Ranch. Bellevue Lodge is located 20 minutes South of St. Paul.

You're all set!  Remember, if you have any questions click here or give us a call at 780-967-5585.

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