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JANUARY 3-5 2020

PRICE - $85 + GST


This year's speaker is Chris Whitelaw from Beulah Alliance Church.

My name is Chris and I’m one of the Youth Pastors at Beulah Alliance
Church! I have been involved in Youth Ministry for about 10 years and
have been a youth pastor for 5! I love youth ministry!... (It's the
best part of church) I also have a huge passion for camp ministry and
have been serving at camps since I was 15!

I'm Scottish which means I say words funny, and I LOVE when people try
my accent! Scottish is harder than you think! I also love to play
soccer, drink good coffee, listen to podcasts and most of all I love
my amazing wife Steph!


It will be a weekend of spiritual growth, winter activities, and a chance to maybe see some familiar faces from the summer or meet someone new.  Registration open for youth groups and anyone in grades 7-12.

For those who have never come before, you will need to bring all the basic camp necessities as well as your winter gear to participate in outdoor activities such as skating, snowshoeing, wide games in the snow, and so much more. If you want, you can bring a hockey stick as well. Check out the 'what to bring to Winter Retreat' list so you do not forget anything.  

We will also have our merch & coffee booth open for the weekend.  Bring a couple bucks to warm up with a mocha, or grab yourself some sweet Nak stuff like hats, shirts, & water bottles.

Winter Retreat shirts will also be available for... just 5 bucks!

We are providing FREE bus service from Edmonton to Camp Nakamun for this event.  The bus location and information is below:

Location: Yet to be determined
Pick up on Friday @ 6:00PM
Drop-off on Sunday @ 4:30PM
Limited space available.  Please call the camp (780) 967-5585, to RSVP a spot on the bus. 


YOUTH GROUPS - To register, click here.

INDIVIDUALS - To register, click here.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call the camp (780-967-5585) or email


We hope to be seeing you here in the New Year!