At our heart, we are summer camp!  We have 4 sites in Northern Alberta that we use to operate and develop summer camp programs and activities primarily for kids and teens.

3 of our 4 sites are together on Lake Nakamun, which is located an hour North-West of Edmonton, Alberta. 


At our Main Nakamun site we run programming involving weekly camps for kids interested in classic camp activities from canoeing, swimming, and archery to wall climbing, zip lining, and our giant King Swing.  Our paintball campers also stay at our main site, though their field is located 1/2 mile up the road at our North Shore property. 


Just 1/2 mile North of our Main Site is our Nakamun Ranch.  Starting in 2016 we will be running our Horsemanship and Ranch camps on their own completely at the ranch.  Plans are in the works for eating and sleeping accommodations for our Horsemanship campers and staff.  Staying at the ranch means more time with the horses, just what our Horsemanship campers have been hoping for!


Our North Shore property is also home to our Nakamun Outdoors.  This is for kids that love being outside.  Camping in tents, cooking over the fire, chopping wood, throwing axes and shooting arrows are all part of this experience.


Our 4th property is Bellevue Lodge.  Bellevue is located about an hour and a half North-East of Edmonton.  Just 20 minutes south of St. Paul, Alberta.  This camp is located on beautiful Lac Bellevue.  Water activities are the focal point of this location as the lake is a beautiful blue all summer long.  Canoeing, tubing, water games, climbing wall, and archery are a few of the activities you can enjoy at Bellevue.

Most importantly, all of our locations are operated by a carefully selected and passionate staff team.  Our programs help the kids not only to have a great time, but to learn more about our creator God, who is deeply interested in every camper's life.  We want to show the kids that they matter, that they are loved and that their lives are cared for by the God who has created them.

For our camps, our mission is to help people Encounter God, Enrich Relationships, and Experience Creation

We hope that you will join us this summer!

Activities - tubing