At our Nakamun Ranch, we will build 5 new cabins for our Horsemanship camps.  This is exciting as it will mean that our horsemanship campers will get even more time with the horses!  Yes, we want to create an environment that gives our campers plenty of skill training as well as ample time in the arena and on the trails!

UPDATE:  Our cabins are complete!

Facilities - Ranch cabins from above

We will also build an Indoor Riding Arena.  This will greatly enhance our program.  Rain or shine, our campers will certainly be on the horses!  The arena will also meet high demand and interest for such a facility in the Lake Nakamun community.

UPDATE: Our arena is complete!

Ranch - arena banner

We are also develping a multi-use building at the ranch.  This building will include a dining hall, meeting rooms, and bathrooms.  Plans and drawings are still in the works.

 Progress update videos are available to watch here.