how to sign up for camp


Registrations for summer camps open December 1st!

1.  Which grade are you moving on from this summer?  Well, that's the grade you're in at camp, too!  Look to the right for the different options for your age group.  >>>  

2.  Do you want to ride horses?  Paintball?  Want to go on an Out Trip to Nordegg?  Maybe you want to be at Nakamun Main site.  Or head over to Bellevue Lodge?  Choose your area of interest and read up on each option. >>>

3.  Register for your camp right here!



Learn about and get to know a God that loves and cares for you.


Get closer with your friends, and meet new ones!  Together with your Counselor you'll go through a lot of adventures, making bonds that can last a lifetime!


The lake, horses, forest, and high up on the zipline, climbing wall and swing!  You will get out there to experience new and exciting things.  Cut out the noise of regular life and dive into an adventure!

If camp comes up as unavailable it means that either the camp is full or your child does not meet the grade requirements for that specific camp.

Watch for notes in RED indicating full camps

Look through our summer calendar HERE

For basic information on how our summer runs, click here.

Check out our Bellevue Lodge camps here.