Thank you for considering being a part of the ministry team.  Each summer over 180 staff (full-time, part-time and volunteers) help to make each week at Camp Nakamun, Nakamun Ranch, and Bellevue Lodge a wonderful experience for the campers.  

For all Sr. Staff positions, monthly salary will be between $2250-2450 depending on role, training, and experience.

There are a number of different positions available. 

Click on the headings to get more info on each position.

Bellevue Lodge Staff
- Paid and Volunteer positions. Click above for more information on what positions are available. 

Jr. Team Staff
- Volunteer position for those in grade 8-12.

 These positions include Jr. Workers for grades 8 & 9 and Jr. Cabin Leaders, Jr. Ranch Hands, Jr. Paintball Assistants, and Jr. Media Team Assistants for grades 10 and up.

Cabin Leader Team 
- Paid position for those who will be graduated in year applying or 18 and older

The position that is the heart and soul of what we do is that of the Cabin Leader. This position works directly with the campers each week and has the privilege and responsibility of having a huge impact on the lives of those campers.  All the other positions are a support for the Cabin Leaders enabling them to be the most effective in their ministry.

Support Staff
- Paid position for those who will be graduating in applying year or 18 and older
A group of people who are a support to the Cabin Leaders and the Summer Program Team (A-Team).

Paintball & Outdoor Camp Staff
-Paid position for those who will be graduating in applying year or 18 and older

Horsemanship Team
-Paid position for those who will be graduating in applying year or 18 and older as well as volunteer positions for those in grade 8-12

Every summer we are looking for a strong, knowledgeable staff who can help with trail rides, teaching kids about horses as well as help out with other duties around the ranch.

Summer Program Team (A-Team)
-Paid position for those 20 and older
The leadership team for the summer who work directly with the program director in preparing, organizing and running of the day to day schedule.  It is the area of highest responsibility because if something goes wrong or needs to be adapted, this team is responsible.

Spending a summer at a camp ministry can be one of the most rewarding things you can do.  It involves a lot of hard work and sometimes not a lot of sleep, but it is amazing to be a part of what God is doing in the lives of children and young people.