grades 8-12 •

July 7-10 • Drop off at 6pm. Pick up at 5:00pm

This Staff Training Week  is the foundation of our summer.  It's a time of preparation, team building, and spiritual input.  It is vital that our team be unified and ready for each week of the summer.  We gather staff from all 4 sites to team-build separately and together.  For all areas of our camps, it all starts at Staff Training Week.

This is a training week, and also a camp.  We have a lot of training to jam in to this week, yet we also fill it with a lot of fun.  Staff will learn about their role for the summer as well as have plenty of time to get to know some of the people they will be working with.


This camp is only for our hired staff and those who want to volunteer as part of the Summer Team.  Before you register please fill out a Jr. Staff application form.  Go to here for more information on staffing and volunteer positions.

Won't be able to make it to Staff Training Week but really want to volunteer still?  Email here or call the camp and we can try to work something out.

Full-time paid summer staff do not need to register for CIT.



Staff Camp - August 27-29 • Drop off at 6pm, pick up at 6pm.

This camp is free and for all of our summer staff and volunteers.  We will be in touch with you throughout the summer regarding info for this camp.  You do not need to register through the website.

We will be cleaning up from the summer as well as getting a chance to relax, enjoy some camp activities and wrap things up as you say 'so long' to all your co-workers/friends you made in the summer time.  It's also a chance for us to say thanks to everyone for such a great summer.

NOTE: If you are 18 or older or will be graduating from High School this year then check out our paid positions we offer here