Paintball Team

Paintball Team

We prefer applicants who have some experience with the sport of Paintball, yet as long as you are willing to participate and learn, we will consider applications all who are interested.

These are full time, paid positions starting end of June - end of August.  A normal week begins Sunday at 1:30 pm and runs to Friday at 6:00 pm. There are two family camps that you will need to be available to work; Family Camp 1 and Family Camp 2. 


Paintball Coordinator - We are looking for someone who knows paintball and can supply leadership to this camp.  You will be in charge of the paintball camps schedules and activities, equipment, as well as offering spiritual guidance to the campers.

Paintball Ministry Lead -  Help in all areas of the Paintball Program with a focus of spiritually guiding the campers through preparing and presenting devotionals each day for the campers.

Paintball Tech/Referee - Someone with paintball experience would be most appreciated for this role.  This person will assist the coordinator in ensuring the equipment is ready, clean, and maintained throughout the summer.  Responsibilities also include running, refereeing and monitoring the games.

Paintball Counselor - (Apply for Counselor Team) We will need counselors for these camps. Someone who can stay with the campers in their accommodations as well as make sure they are on time for activities, meals, etc.  You may even get a chance to play some rounds of paintball but your main role is to hang-out and build relationships with the campers.