Nakamun Ranch Team

Members of this team have an opportunity to live out their passion of working with kids and horses our in God's creation.  Horse experience is required for some positions, yet there are other areas where a desire to work with and lead kids is the priority at the Nakamun Ranch.

Assistant Wrangler

Someone to work alongside our Ranch Manager is running all horse related activities.

This is a full time, paid, 4 month positionYou will begin your summer roughly at the beginning of May and end at the end of August.  Exact dates to be worked out each year.

For the months of May and June you will work 5 days per week, which will vary per week. Some weeks you will have to work the weekend. You will get some weekends off, but not every one. During this time you will be involved in facilitating the groups (help with dishes, cleaning, running activities, etc.) that are at the camp as well as preparing the ranch and the horses for the summer.

For the summer months a normal week runs Sunday at 1:00 pm to Friday at 7:00 pm.

There are three family camps that you will need to be available to work, Single Parent Family Camp (Mother's Day Weekend), Family Camp 1 and Family Camp 2.



You don't need to know a thing about horses to help at the Nakamun Ranch.  For those who would love to be a Counselor but would also like to be at the ranch, this job is for you! The main part of this role is being with the campers as their counselor but you will also get to help with duties like feeding horses, grooming horses, getting horses ready for riding, being a part of trail rides and other tasks. Please look at Sr. Counselor for more information in regards to that aspect of this role.  

This is a full time, paid, 2 month position from end of June - end of August. A normal week begins Sunday at 1:30 pm and runs to Friday at 6:00 pm. There are two family camps that you will need to be available to work; Family Camp 1 and Family Camp 2.