The A-team is responsible for the leading, planning and running of the main site camps during the summer.

This job has high responsibility and the applicant needs to be able to think on his/her feet. If something changes or the schedule needs to be adapted, (ex: weather) this team is responsible.


A counselor and an A-Team member are two very different positions with different expectations.  One of the major differences is that being on the A-Team often means you are one step removed from interacting and impacting the kids.  Your role is to help create the environment and atmosphere that enables the counselors to have an impact on the lives of the campers. 

If what you really love about being at camp is the opportunity to impact the lives of the kids in a direct way, then we would encourage you to apply as a counselor. 


The A-Team works together in running the summer program.  Within this, each member oversees different aspects of the summer.  These role descriptions are intended to give a glimpse at what you will be doing, but not to limit the areas you will be involved in:

Program Coordinator –These people work with our Program Director to give leadership to the summer team in the area of developing and organizing the program aspect of each week in the summer.  They will plan games, run the games and give direction on what is happening.  They will be 'up front' with the kids, communicating with them and the counselors as needed.

Activity Coordinator - This person works with our Outdoor Adventure Director to give leadership to all the activity options at the camp.  They will help to schedule the activities for each camp and give leadership to the summer activity staff.