• A proven faith in Jesus Christ with a lifestyle that gives credibility to his/her beliefs.  Whether you are at camp or away from camp you are an ambassador for Christ and this ministry.
  • Must adhere to statements of 'How We Act and Think', 'Our Faith', 'Our Mission' and 'Our Purpose'.
  • An example to follow – because you are in a position of influence you should not be given to extremes in personal appearance or actions.  A lifestyle free of addictive (including, but not limited to drugs, alcohol and pornography) or immoral behavior is essential.
  • A genuine love for children and youth.  The camper is a high priority in your life. Your mental and emotional state should never put the camper’s safety in jeopardy.
  • In good health – to handle the stress of the full summer program.
  • A teachable spirit – easily submitting to authority and looking for opportunities of personal growth.
  • A good team player –  work in unity and co-operation with others.
  • A positive attitude.
  • Knowledge of working with and around horses is helpful, but not necessary.


  • Keep your personal walk with God strong because true ministry is not what we do but what God does through us by the Holy Spirit.
  • To pray continually and have an attitude of prayer throughout your day to remember Jesus is your Strength and your Friend.
  • To have at least three people outside of camp who are committed to pray for you on a regular basis.
  • To respect and care for the campgrounds, facilities and equipment and ensure the campers do the same.
  • To adhere to all camp policies.
  • To reflect positive support for this ministry and camp staff to others inside and outside the camp.
  • No criminal activity (must be willing to get a police check and child welfare record check).


  • Do not attempt to give any kind of ministry or help to campers above what you are asked to do.  Any situations or discussions involving sexuality, abuse, family problems or any private information must be kept private and immediately brought to camp leadership.
  • We will be praying and expecting God to work through us to minister to each camper as effectively as possible.  This means using the natural gifts given to us by God as well as the spiritual gifts that the Holy Spirit gives to each member of the body of Christ (I Cor. 12).  Demonstrative gifts such as tongues, interpretation of tongues, miracles, healings, discernment and deliverance must only function under the established authority of the camp leadership (I Cor. 14).
  • When you choose to work at camp this summer you choose to put this ministry first.  This is not a dating environment.  This means all guy/girl relationships should be on the friendship level only and never detract from effective ministry to the campers.
  • You must allow for proper rest during your time off.

One Last Important Note

As a Junior Team member you have the privilege of serving in this camping ministry and in doing so have the very real possibility of becoming a Sr. Counselor some day.  Your ministry here is very important to the whole program.  If at anytime we feel you are hindering more than helping you will be sent home.  Please carefully consider this before you come.