How Can I Help?

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Here are some ways you can help:


The best way to stay involved is to sign-up on our email list.  In recent years Canada has changed their laws on email legislation.  To be sure you get our latest updates, please email

Camper Scholarship Fund

Donate to our scholarship fund.  We do not turn anyone away at registration.  We want every child to have a camp experience.  Donations to our scholarship fund is vital in order for us to continue operating the way we do.  Last year alone we gave out full or partial scholarships for 99 kids and youth to come to camp. 

In all honesty, our funds allocated to scholarships fell far short of what we needed to bring those kids to camp.  As a result, we needed to reach into other areas of our budget to bring those kids to camp.  Please consider a donation, or becoming a continuing supporter of camp, in order to help us meet our needs in this area.

Skills and Resources

We are thankful for our camp and church community.  We could not run without you.  Every year we rely on people volunteering their time, skills, and resources to help with all sorts of camp projects, including our campaign.

Some examples of areas we are always looking for help with include:

- Labor work and skilled labor for building and maintenance projects.

- Drivers and/or the usage of machinery including but not limited to dump trucks, wood chippers, and earth movers.

- Vehicles (new or used) for helping us keep up with maintenance (trucks), travel and delivery (vans), and getting around the property (all terrain vehicles like quads and Gators).

- Volunteers to help with special events such as our Taste of Nakamun event and displays and presentations that take place in the community and at our Alliance Churches.


If you have or know of any way you would like to help us out, please call us at 780-967-5585.