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Grade is based upon grade a camper is moving on from going into the summer of each camp year.  For example, Suzie is going into Grade 4 in the Fall, yet for camp, she will be considered Grade 3. 

Explorers Camp 1 - July 26-30

Explorers Camp 2 - August 23-27

The next step up from Happy Campers. It is a shorter week full of many fun activities and experiences that get you excited to keep coming back each summer. A guest speaker will be here for the week who shares biblical teachings with the kids during our chapel and campfires each day. The same great food and incredible staff members to institute a memorable and incredible experience.

Registration will begin on Sunday at 4:00pm and the camp will end Thursday @ 5:00pm.   Drop off and pick up are at the Main site.

*There will be NO zipline option for this camp due to the age restrictions for liability purposes.

Register NOW.

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