Though not all of our camps run on the exact same schedule, below is an example of what most camp days will look like for your camper:

8:30 – Breakfast
9:15 – Activity #1
10:15 – Activity #2
11:15 – Activity #3
12:30 – Lunch
1:30 – Chapel (Songs & Speaker)
2:15 – Tuck/Cabin Time
3:00 – Activity 4
4:00 – Activity 5
5:15 – Supper
6:15 – Popularity (Fun indoor games)
7:00 – Wide Game (Fun outdoor game)
8:00 – Get Ready for Campfire
8:15- Snack
8:30 – Campfire (Songs & Speaker)
9:30 – Get Ready for Bed
9:45 – Devotions /Cabin Time
10:30 – Sweet Dreams


Activities - activities offered may vary depending on age and camp. Check out what activities we offer in the summer here.

Popularity - Fun games in the Poplar room.  Here we do games such as Cabin Feud, Deal or No Deal, or Minute to Win-It. 

Wide Game - A time for the whole camp to participate in an outdoor game together.  We play games such as Mass Capture the Flag, Pirate and Ninjas, Animal Kingdom and so much more.

Meals – Some of our meals are ‘themed’ allowing for a fun dress-up experience filled with laughter, costumes and delicious food.  Dress-up items are provided.

Word of warning:  Though we have a set schedule, it is summer camp.  Sometimes the kids will stay up later for a surprise game, or just talking in their cabin past bedtime.  The schedule is full to make sure that every camper has a chance to experience everything happening during the week.  For most kids, the week is so jam packed that they are completed tuckered out by the end of the week.  Please take this into consideration when you sign up your camper for either a full week of camp, or a shorter camp for the younger kids.