Greetings Friends of Camp Nakamun & Bellevue Lodge,

We both have been involved in one way or another with Camp Nakamun for many years.  Over these years, we have experienced changes in our lives as well as in the lives of our families.  We know that a lot of you reading this have served and supported this ministry in the past.  In fact, almost everyone we talk to has a story to tell about how God has spoken to them or someone they know through camp ministry.

There is something about getting out of our everyday context and into God's big world – to be in a place to find space in our hearts, minds, and relationships in God's creation.  This brings us into a fresh atmosphere to think, to know, to understand, and more than anything, to be open to His voice.

We feel that it is so important for kids to experience camp at some point in their lives,  Last year, over 1600 kids came to Nakamun and Bellevue and God got through to them in a special way.  They each have their own story, and that's what excites us!

We encourage you to read on and catch the vision for Camp Nakamun Ministries as we see things unfolding.  We invite you to get involved as well, by volunteering and by making a 3 year financial pledge 'over and above' to the 'Camp Changes Kids' campaign.  We are filled to capacity and overflowing.  There are thousands of kids in our communities that have never been to camp.  With your help and the help of others, together we can expand this great ministry and give even more kids their own camp experience!

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