This week at Nakamun

After a quiet December, we are off and running in the new year.  Winter retreat season is upon us!


This past weekend we had a lot of fun!  Close to 300 youth, leaders, and staff converged on Friday night to kick-off the 11th year of our Winter Youth Retreat.

They took in sessions with speaker Chet Kennedy, and participated together in worship lead by Nakamun regulars Raise an Altar.

Saturday morning brought rain and a bit or slipping and sliding on the sidewalks.  However, the sun came out and the day became beautiful and warm.  We had everyone all together in the field for the classic camp game 'Sticks' before they all scattered around the camp to take in their favourite winter activities. 


The rink on the lake was the place to be for some classic hockey.  Despite the lack of snow the kids had a great time enjoying everything from the pool to board games in the chapel.  It was a weekend to run around the camp and roam free.  It's what Winter Retreat is all about!


Thanks to everyone for coming out to camp this winter and and we hope to see you all this summer!


Coming up this weekend we have yet another winter event.  This will be the 3rd year that we've run our Marriage Retreat.  It's a way to enjoy camp in a totally different way. 

• We limit the number of couples so it's a nice and quiet weekend.

• We bring in experienced, engaging, and fun speakers from Family Life Canada.

• We serve a fancy/tasty/special meal during our 'date night' event.

Couples can come knowing that:

• You'll get to spend some quality time together.

• You won't have to do any dishes!

• You won't have to share anything about your marriage with anyone else.  It's all about the two of you.

• You'll learn some things about how to keep your marriage fresh and meaningful.

• You'll get to enjoy the quiet and peaceful environment of camp in the winter.


It's not too late to register for this weekend's retreat.  $500 per couple includes everything.

Questions?  Feel free to give us a call!  780-967-5585


Lastly, we want to spread the word about this retreat for young adults.  Everyone from 18 to 30ish is welcome to join us for this refreshing weekend.  We care about our community of young adults and we know that Summers at Nakamun and Bellevue run on the commitment, hard work, and passion of our young adult staff. 

YAR 2018

The cost is low to accommodate the typical bank account of a 20 something;)  $100 included everything you need for the weekend.  If you've got some extra cash, bring some to spend at our Coffee Bar. 

We're excited to welcome speaker Nathan Horstmann to Nakamun for the first time. 

A few ways to spend the weekend include:

• Enjoy a warm coffee beverage while you sit cozily by the fire all weekend.

• Play a board game with 5 or 6 other people for 14 hours straight in the cafeteria.

• Watch an engaging movie and sit around discussing and arguing about it with others.

• Dominate on the rink on the lake.

• Sit in the hot tub until you shrivel up.

All jokes aside, this weekend will be a blast.  Join us in February and register today.