Summer Review

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We are so thankful for yet another amazing summer!  This past week we wrapped up our summer with a 3 day Staff Camp.  This summer we had over 130 youth volunteers and just under 70 full-time paid staff to carry us through a season where God brought approximately 1550 kids and youth campers and a whooping 880 family campers to camp!


It's encouraging for us is seeing good growth in numbers at Bellevue Lodge.  Our staff came back from the summer encouraged that the kids there had a fun and impacting time.  Campers and staff alike are getting used to this unique camp environment.  We are thankful for the speakers that we had come out to speak each week, some of them being from the local churches in the area.  God certainly did good things in lives at Bellevue this summer.

One exciting thing to highlight was the development of the waterfront.  Bellevue had tubing boats going on the lake, while near the dock the kids to jump and mess around on 3 brand new features; 2 floating foam pads and 1 blow-up pyramid called the Jungle Jim Waterpark.  Lots of fun was had on the water this summer!

Bellevue summer highlight videos will be posted closer to the middle of September.  Keep an eye on our Nakamun Youtube channel.

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Our ranch program was further boosted by the addition of our brand new cabins!  Rain or shine, the staff and campers could know that they would have a sheltered, dry place to bunk for each night.  Yet the main thing is that we are able to bring 157 campers into this exciting horsemanship experience.  More time at the ranch = more time on the horses.  Moving forward we will continue to work to make this unique part of our ministry a priority.  Nothing says experiencing creation quite like setting out on the trails!

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This year, though our overall number were down, our program was running strong for our Outdoor camps.  Lead by a trio of excited, enthusiastic, and skilled staff, our outdoor campers had a blast on or North Shore property and on our 2 trips to Nordegg!

Getting away from the noise is a priority for us at Nakamun.  Signing up for a week of camp out in the bushes is the best way to let go of distractions and just embrace adventure! 

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We are continually thankful for our summers.  They teach us to rely on each other, and to trust God to bring us through.  Our team in 2017 gave so much to making things memorable.  When we think back on the campfires, meals, activities, wide games, barge rides, and cabin group times, we can't help but think that God had a hand in all of it. 

It is through this ministry that God is able to work within relationships.  Most kids come to camp nervous, but after going through a few adventures with their cabin mates, they realize that they are with people they can trust.  Trust builds relationships. and we are thankful to you for trusting us with your kids, both as staff and as campers.  We know that you have entrusted us with a huge responsibility and we are committed to working hard to continue to help your kids grow in their relationship with and trust in God.


This fall we welcome a new season at camp.  Dozens of school groups will invade the property each week for activities or band camps.  Weekends will be full of church group retreats.  Lord willing, it will be just as busy as ever!

Please continue to pray for us.  We have some exciting winter retreats to prepare for, groups to host, and, of course, planning for next summer is already in the works!

If this ministry is something you would like to invest in, please consider partnering with us.  We have plans to grow and develop to allow room for even more kids to experience camp.  More information on that can be found here.  To donate to camp ministry, click here.

More summer updates are in the works.  Follow along on Facebook and Instagram.  We'll have photos, videos, staff interviews, Spotlights, and more.  We want to tell you about all that God has done this summer!

That's a wrap on summer 2017!