Our paintball program is designed to give the boys as much time on the field as possible.  Campers will learn technique, skills, and equipment maintenance in between playing a variety of paintball games.  In the evenings, campers will also get to try our main camp activities such as the zip line and king swing.

Activities - paintball

Our paintball campers are separate from the main camp, with their own leaders and counselors.   This allows for  the campers to spend time together hanging out, playing games, doing devotionals, and having a fun time at the campfire. 

Drop-off is at 4pm and and pick-up is at 5pm at our main lodge.

Cost: TBD

Paintball 1 (grades 7-9)

Paintball Jr. High Camp (grades 7-9)

Paintball 2 (grades 7-9) July 23 - 28

Paintball 3 (grades 7-10)

Paintball 4 (grades 8-11)

Paintball 5 (grades 9-12)



 * We have a paintball option in our Nakamun Jr. High Camp.  This option is open to both boys and girls.  More information below.


A camp for those who want to have a bit more time on the paintball field. This camp will be apart of our Jr. High Specialty Camp at the main site but instead of signing up for activities in the morning, you will be going out to the paintball field learning new skills and playing out there. In the afternoons you will be able to participate in the regular camp activities and be apart of the main camp.

PLEASE NOTE: Paintball camp may have separate cabins then those who are in the Jr. High or Horsemanship camps.


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