We love being in God's creation.  These camps are your chance to ditch the phone for a week, slow down, and enjoy the natural playground that God has created for us!

All Nakamun Outdoor camps are spent tenting and in the wilderness for the duration of the camp, rain or shine. Camp will provide the tents but if a camper wants to bring their own, that is allowed. Warm clothing is a must to pack for these camps.  Drop-off and pick-up is at our Main Lodge. An outdoor specific packing list has been posted at the bottom of the 'What to Bring to Camp' page.



Grade is based upon grade a camper is moving on from going into the summer of each camp year.  For example, Suzie is going into Grade 4 in the Fall, yet for camp, she will be considered Grade 3. 

$325 + GST

North Shore Discovery - July 29th - August 2nd  SORRY, CAMP IS FULL

An introduction to fun in the wilderness.  Boys only for this camp.

Camp takes place on our North Shore Property, 3km from the main lodge. The days are spent hanging out with the boys outside, tenting, playing various games in the woods, trying out different challenge courses and learning cool wilderness skills.

Camp begins at 4:00pm and concludes on the final day at 5:00pm.
*there is a supper the first night and will end with 'lupper' on the last day.




$400 + GST

This camp is for anyone looking for some excitement with a smaller group setting. Participants will be introduced to many wilderness skills and get to try out some new activities; axe throwing, target practice and a few surprises. Camp takes place on our North Shore property, 3km away from the main lodge.

North Shore Adventure  1 - July 8-13

North Shore Adventure 2 - August 19-24

Camp begins Sunday at 4:00pm and concludes on Friday at 5:00pm
*there is a supper on Sunday night and a Lupper on Friday at 3:00pm.



$415 + GST

Nordegg 1 - July 15-20
Nordegg 2 - August 12-17

The true camping experience! This week is spent off site, away from Nakamun in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. We load up everyone and all our gear and head to the Nordegg area for some hiking, canoeing and just fun times in the mountains. This wilderness trip is experienced on both the land and the water as we will hike and canoe through the Nordegg area. As a camper, you can expect to learn many new skills as well as have many photo opportunities.

Lakeland Canoe Trip - July 22-27 *Sorry, Lakeland trip is cancelled.

A canoeing experience.  Come out and explore some of Albertas rivers and lakes as well as enjoy camping out in the wilderness. The first portion of the camp will be at Camp Nakamun paddling around the lake to make sure each camper has some paddling experience before we head out.

Camp begins Sunday at 4:00pm and concludes on Friday at 5:00pm
*there is a supper on Sunday night and a Lupper on Friday at 3:00pm.

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