JR. HIGH CAMPS (Gr. 7-9)

Jr. High Camp is 150 of your closest Nakamun friends!

Campers get the freedom to sign-up for the activities they want to do each day.  Additional Specialty activity options are offered for the morning activities and then campers can choose the regular activities (zipline, climbing wall, paintball, tubing, etc.) in the afternoons.  Regular camp activities are offered for those who choose not to participate in the specialty options.  Each camper must sign-up for an activity for each activity slot.

Please Note: Jr. High Campers will be in separate accommodations then those who sign up for Horsemanship and Paintball Camps.  

Activities - guitar

Jr. High at Nakamun


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Along with the regular camp activities, there are other specialty options you can sign up for. You will be able to sign-up for ONE of our specialty options, which you will be able to participate in for the morning activities or for the regular camp option.


The Specialty Options offered designed to give campers a small amount of instruction and room for creativity during the week.  Our instructors are our counselors and, though very talented, are not professionals.  The goal of these options is learning a thing or two while having a whole lot of fun.  The typical options are:

Art: Are you a painter? Do you enjoy drawing or working with colours?  This option gives you a chance to put your painting skills to work and learn a few things along the way.

Dance: You will spend your morning learning a dance routine that you will be able to preform at the end of the week.  

Drama: There will be games, laughter, and maybe even learning some dance moves in this option. If you want to be the next 'Emma Stone' or 'Brad Pitt' here is your chance... well, no guarantees, but you will get your chance to showcase your skills in front of the whole camp at the end of the week!

Music: Join a worship team for the week. Be apart of a band and write your own music, which you get to share with the camp at the end of the week.

Sports: Each morning will be a different sport option such as soccer, basketball, canoeing, kayaking, beach volleyball. You will get to participate in it all!

For those who are NOT interested in the specialty options we will be running our usual Nakamun activities.

 *At each Jr. High camp we have a formal banquet one evening, with an emphasis on the importance of respect between genders.  Remember to bring appropriate formal wear, if you wish to dress-up for the event.       

Jr. High at Bellevue Lodge

A more intimate, laid back and smaller community based camp. Interested in water sports? Bellevue Lodge is the place for you! It is a smaller camp located on Bellevue Lake, a beautiful lake that is located 20 min South of St. Paul.

We are offering bus transportation for these weeks of camp.

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