All those who are in gr 10-12 and are applying for one of our volunteer Jr. Support Staff positions, returning or new, please fill out this form below. 

All NEW APPLICANTS, you will need to get 2 references filled out and sent into us. A link will be sent to you once you complete this form, which you can then send out to 2 references to fill out. 

*PLEASE ADD daylene@campnakamun.com to your email list so that you get information regarding the summer and reference links. Any questions? Email Daylene!*

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Please check which position you are applying for. You may check more then one.


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(please add daylene@campnakamun.com to your contacts, there will be an email sent to you regarding summer information.) 

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FIRST TIME APPLICANTS - you will need to have 2 reference forms filled out and sent into camp. You can find these forms on our website under STAFF. Please proceed to the Commitment section.

RETURNING STAFF - you do NOT need to get references filled out again. Please answer these questions below.  


Information regarding the Junior Team is found on the website under STAFF.


You need to read (click to open them); "WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CAMP NAKAMUN", "OUR FAITH", "OUR MISSION" and "OUR PURPOSE".

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Applying for a JUNIOR TEAM position, you must attend CIT camp.  Please register online.

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All information is confidential and held in accordance to all privacy laws in the province of Alberta.

PARENTAL CONSENT - If you are under 18 years of age you MUST HAVE Parents/guardians consent for you to work at Camp Nakamun/Bellevue Lodge. PARENTS/GUARDIANS please review this form before you give your approval. Contact Rob Toews - 780-967-5585, rob@campnakamun.com if you have any questions or concerns.