We're in the process of revamping our Ranch program.  We are committed to giving our campers a unique experience out at the ranch with as much saddle time as possible.

Pick up and drop off will be at The Ranch.

For directions to Ranch, click here.

Those who register for horsemanship camps will be staying in brand new cabins at the ranch, have meals there and be able to get a whole week with the horses. This means that you will not be a part of the Adventurers or Jr. High regular camps since the Horsemanship camps will have their own schedule and programming.  However, You will still have a chance to do regular camp activities as a group as well, including the king swing, zipline, and pool.

We hope these changes excite you and we hope to see you this summer at The Nakamun Ranch! 

Our instructors are CHA Certified.  

This camp is separate from our main site camps.


 Horsemanship 1 (grades 4-6) -

Horsemanship 2  (grades 7-9) -

Horsemanship 3 (grades 4-6) -

Horsemanship 4 (grades 10-12) -

Horsemanship 5 (grades 4-6) -

Horsemanship 6 (grades 7-9) -

Cost:   TBD

All skill levels are welcome. The campers will be placed in skill related groups during the ranch activities. This will not effect your roommate requests. 

 Camps begin at 4:00pm and ends at 5:00pm
*there is a first night supper and a last day 'lupper' at 3:00pm

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Ranch - horses field