We are an overnight camp.  Most of our camps run from Sunday afternoon until Friday evening.  We do everything we can to encourage the kids to be independent; therefore, no phone calls home allowed.  For homesickness, we will only call home as a last resort.  We find if we help the kids through those feelings, they are usually ecstatic when they make it all the way to the end of the week.  Giving them this experience, away from home and out on their own adventure, is a huge part of our goal to help kids grow and develop at camp.

Note:  Grade is based upon grade camper is in as of  JANUARY 15 for each camp year. 

To browse our selection of summer camps please visit our calendar page here.  To find out more details about each camp you can browse the list located to the right ->.

If a camp is not available to you during registration it means the camp is full or that your child does not meet the age requirement.

Registration & Payment
There are a couple ways you can register:

  • Click here to register ONLINE- must pay by credit card; Visa or Mastercard
  • MAIL - download the complete camp brochure or just the registration form for children/youth. Print registration off and send it in WITH PAYMENT by mail to: Camp Nakamun, R.R. 1,  Busby AB,  T0G 0H0 
  • FAX - print off registration form (look above at MAIL) and fax in registration to 780-967-5505. If you want to call in your visa information or mail in cheque/cash please indicate on fax how payment will be made.
  • Cancellations up to 3 weeks before a camp's start date will be refunded in full minus $40 processing fee.
  • No refund for cancellations made less than 3 weeks before a camp starts.

    PLEASE NOTE: Registrations are not complete and a spot cannot be held until full payment is submitted.

Cabin Assignments
The cabins will be assigned according to age and grade to establish a healthy and age appropriate development for each child. We also try to create a positive and welcoming cabin dynamic by allowing no more then 2 friends per camper to stay in one cabin. If you have any problems or concerns with this, please email us.

There will be a Sr. Counselor and Jr. Counselor who stay in each cabin and are with the kids all week long.

Our Staff
We have been blessed with incredible staff full of enthusiasm and love for all of the children who come out each year.  All our staff have been screened and go through 'Plan to Protect' training before the summer begins to create a safe and inviting environment for all. For the safety of staff and campers no cellphones are allowed at camp. 

Drop-off and Pick-up
All drop-off and pick-up will be at the main camp except for our Horsemanship camps, which will be at the Nakamun Ranch, 1/2 mile north of our main site.

Registration will be in the main lodge at the time indicated for each camp. There you will find out where and what cabin you are assigned to for the week and have a chance to see the nurse to drop off medications if need be. Please leave your luggage outside the buildings until you are finished registration.

Parents please remember what cabin your son/daughter is in because that is where you will pick them up at the end of the week, unless otherwise informed. If you forget or are unsure of where to find your kid(s), there will be someone to help you at the front desk in the main lodge.


 Check-out 'What to Bring to Camp' for a list of what to bring and what NOT to bring for the week of  camp. 


  • We are not a registered nut free facility but due to severe allergies we do not cook with nuts and all our snacks/tuck items are nut free.
  • We do not allow any cellphones or electronics during camp time. Permission from staff is needed for phone calls. 

Activities - archery