Grade is based upon grade a camper is moving on from going into the summer of each camp year.  For example, Suzie is going into Grade 4 in the Fall, yet for camp, she will be considered Grade 3. 

$390 + gst

This week will be the full camp experience with memorable moments and new friendships created. There will be a variety of camp activities throughout the week and so much more that the campers will be able to participate in.

A guest speaker is here for the week who will share biblical teachings to the kids during our chapel and campfires each day. Not to mention a lot of great food to partake in and incredible staff to hang-out with.

 Adventurers 1 -  July 8-13 *BOYS FULL

 Adventurers 2  - July 15-20 *CAMP IS FULL

 Adventurers 3 - August 12-17 *CAMP IS FULL

Adventurers 4 - August 19-24*NOW OPEN FOR GRADES 3-6

These camps begin Sunday at 4:00pm and ends Friday at 5:00pm (there is a supper Sunday night and a 'lupper' served at 3:00 on Friday evening.)  Drop off and pick up is at our Main site.

Note: Horsemanship camps are separate from Adventurers and will have separate cabins

You don't want to miss out on this incredible experience.

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Activities - tubing